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In this day and age there is a greater need for home security, no matter what suburb you live in you're never quite sure when your home will be targeted. Using the current state of the art technology Cameron Stewart security can offer you a plan best suited to you. Whether you're after protection for your home, business or even warehouse we have alarm systems which will ensure you're protected giving only access to who you want to have access, giving you peace of mind when you're away from your home or business.

AMC K-LCD Light Keypad

AMC K-LCD Light Keypad

AMC LCD back-light remote keypad displays 32 characters on two lines.
3 signalling LEDs.
Compatible with 'K' and 'X' series.
Protective front door.
Programmable keys for quick commands.
Dimensions: 86 (W) x 114 (H) x 23 mm (D).

  • Power supply voltage: 13.8Vdc.
  • Rated current: 25mA.
  • Maximum current: 160mA.
  • Compatible with: all panel.
  • Addresses adjustable from the menu without the use of mechanical dip-switches.
  • Adjustable back-lighting time.
  • Language selection.
  • Buzzer for sounder input and output time.
  • Enable / disable switch tamper from menu.
  • Signalling LED:
  • Green LED on: system ready (all areas closed).
  • Yellow LED on: new event to be read in event log.
  • Red LED on: control unit activated.

Neptune indoor/outdoor Mini siren & strobe

Neptune Indoor/Outdoor GPO size Mini Siren & Strobe

Compact combination siren/strobe for alarm use or audio-visual warning.
Can be mounted on standard size GPO plate or surface mount.
Suitable for indoor use.

  • Voltage: 12V DC operation.
  • Current: 200mA.
  • Strobe flash rate: 150/min.
  • SPL: 103dB.
  • Dimensions: 74 (W) x 121 (H) x 48 mm (D).

AMC X824 Kit

AMC X824 Kit C. LCD Blue KP & 3 x Smile 20P Pet Digital PIRs

The AMC X824 series of control panels and accessories enables installers and end users to benefit from a wide range of products and features suited to both wired and wireless input applications.

The control panel has audio support on board and is equipped of 8/32 zones, expandable to 16/64. It is possible to obtain more zones by doubling EOL split line (X412-X824).

The panel can be controlled by new App AMC MANAGER (iOS / Android) with IP module and/or GPRS / 3G module. The programming can be made with keypad and/or PC software. The programming with software can be made remotely with IP module and/or GPRS / 3G module.

The X824 series offers incredible value for money and comprehensive solutions to today's security problems.

  • 8 - 32 wired zones.
  • 64 wireless zones.
  • Up to 32 users.
  • 5 on board outputs - expandable to 8 (with expansions and keypads).
  • Easy rolling menu for fast programming on the KLCD Blue keypad.
  • 4 true partitioned areas with separate arming.
  • Automatic arm/disarm and output activation.
  • Access control capabilities with hardwired readers.
  • User friendly programming and operation.
  • Easy installation.
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